The Will of Steel

is the ability to never give up,
The strength to never turn back.

The courage

to accept criticism and
mould it into encouragement.

It is the validation of your mettle that stands as

proof of your determination.

While some call it madness, We call it

the Will of Steel.

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Geeta Phogat is the first individual whose Will of Steel has been enabled by JSW.

If you know someone like her who inspires you with their Will of Steel, nominate them.

Once the nomination is verified and featured on the platform, you can begin spreading the word and gathering votes. The more votes a story gets, the sooner it will be felicitated and recognized.

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The Will of Steel is a JSW empowered platform where many undiscovered inspirations like Geeta can be recognized, appreciated and supported to do so much more.

we are one of India's largest steel manufacturers. From the process we follow in manufacturing our products to the decisions we take for the future of our organization, our Will of Steel resonates through everything we do.

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Criteria for nomination:

- The nominee must have an authentic Will of Steel story that can be verified.

- No Will of Steel story is too small as long as you can give a convincing enough reason for nominating that individual.

- Try not nominating someone who has already made it big as their Will of Steel stories would already have been recognized.

- All entries will go through a verification process to filter questionable backgrounds and controversial involvement before being featured on the platform.


How do I nominate? That's simple. You scroll down to the "nominate" section, fill in the nominee's details, fill in your details and submit. Once it's verified, you will receive an email with a shareable link and a notification informing you that your nominee's story is ready to be shared and featured on the platform.

Where do I see nominations? You can see all the featured nominations in the view stories section and if you're looking for only your nominations, they'll feature once you sign in.

What counts as votes? All votes that are made on the platform itself count. Likes, shares, tweets, retweets etc. don't count as votes. They are only ways to get others to the website so they can vote,

What does a nominee get? Refer to the "how to make it real" section to understand the levels of gratification.

Can I nominate anyone? Have a look at the criterias of nomination section for more clarity. Post your nomination, your entry will be verified by a panel from an authentication and censorship perspective and then be featured as a Will Of Steel.

Who is someone with the Will of Steel Anyone who has truly proven their mettle in their own field, no matter how big or small is someone who possesses the Will of Steel. As will power is subjective, whether or not to nominate is a call you have to take.

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Geeta Phogat

A woman who wrestled gender stereotypes

Being a woman from a small village in Haryana, growing up to be a wrestler was never easy. Wrestling being a man's sport, Geeta was always looked down upon. With her father's constant encouragement and guidance, she turned this demotivation into the fuel that drove her to push herself beyond what she thought was possible and became the first Indian woman to win a gold for wrestling at the Commonwealth Games.


Her success changed her life and that of all women in her village and across the male dominated state. The same women who were looked upon as secondary to men are now sparring partners even for male wrestlers. A whole new level of admiration and respect has dawned upon them all. Geeta's Will of Steel has changed the future of her entire community.

Through the sports excellence program, JSW has enabled her and her family so she may train better and prepare for the next Olympic Games. Due to an injury, she was unable to participate in the previous one. Now JSW stands by her side as she pushes herself further and aims for a gold even there.

She is in every way a personification of the Will of Steel. It takes sheer persistence and determination to achieve what she has. Considering the environment she trained and grew up in, the bigger challenge was to win over appreciation. Now that she has brought a medal home, the same men who laughed at her now proudly claim to know her. She is an inspiration to all women and a living example of the fact that even though women might be physically inferior at times, they are always equal in spirit.